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About Our Food and Friends

We work with and promote folks that are working for the betterment of their neighbors, their community and the planet as a whole.  Beth and the Biscuit is devoted to providing our family and yours with highly nutritious, consciously grown and cared for vegetables and animals. We select our prepared foods, produce, and meats from small, family owned organic farms whenever possible.

With our meal service, you'll get all the freshness the seasons have to offer, as local as possible, and always sustainably raised.  Our food is designed to be renewing in the spring, light and refreshing in the summer, abundant in the fall, and cozy and comforting throughout the winter.

Our service chooses grass-fed beef from a variety of trusted, local sources, because we know they care for their animals. Our dairy selections are also from grass-fed, well cared for cows.  Grass-fed cattle provides balanced omega-3 and 6 essential oils and so much more. We also choose pastured chickens, eggs, and pork for the same reasons. It's important to us that we feed you with healthy, naturally fresh food. We feature only wild caught, sustainably harvested seafood.

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You'll never see any high fructose corn syrup in any of the processed food items I use. I select local/organic first, then local, then national organic, then conventional. I firmly believe there's more nutrition to be found in organic foods that have been carefully raised. But just as noteworthy is my determination to stay away from pesticides. You think more of yourself than to feed yourself cheaply, and so do I.

We'll package your food in your containers, or, upon request, we'll purchase glass containers or plasticware.  We'll tidy up your kitchen, leaving freeze/thaw/re-heating instructions for each dish. All that's left for you is a wonderful, healthy meal and an enjoyable evening.

Contact us at 612-272-2232, or email here