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About Beth

I'm Beth Wright, and I'm from a small Quaker College community in the western suburbs of Greensboro North Carolina called Guilford College. I still import my stone-ground grits and cornmeal from there. None finer. I'm a boomer, 195xxxxx. Go Hornets!! Class of 1973 of whom I still share grateful friendships. I'm the only daughter of a magnificent Southern cook, my mom. This entire personal chef endevour is dedicated to her. Thanks, Mom!

I consider myself very fortunate to have been involved with countless church basement covered dish socials, and I've offered some of my favorites on my menus. These home-style recipes are from people I call "Famous Cooks of the South". I have an immense love and appreciation for these cooks.

You'll see the names of real people on some of my recipes. These are folks that have proudly contributed to the local cookbooks. They are the church cooks, the ladies of the Junior League of Greensboro, the Telephone Pioneers of North Carolina: making and baking oh so many very good Sunday suppers, covered dishes, and Jello salads. This is my southern culture. I love to share these foods with my new friends in Minnesota.

I'm a cook, but I've spent the last 25 years designing buildings. My passion for architecture has helped clients obtain their vision for beautiful objects and environments that reflect themselves and who they are. And yet, cooking is what I truly love to do. And in the southern manner, I'll share those grits and cornmeal with you anytime. I'll also happily divulge my recipes if you're so inclined.

Let us cook for you. You can reach us at 276-206-6124, or email here