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We've all been there...a tough day at work, the kids are cranky, and there's nothing in the fridge save for that mouldy chunk of cheese and a cold blast of arctic air. And to make matters worse, you haven't shopped all week and were just too tired to stop on the way home. You'll have to settle for cardboard pizza again. There's got to be a better way. Life's too short.

Now, imagine it differently. You come home to the comforting smell of your favorite foods wafting through your house. A bouquet of your most beloved aromas tickling your senses, and yet the kitchen is spotless. How can this be? How did it happen? Food fairies? Furthermore, the icebox is full of beautiful, carefully crafted meals that you've selected, and that have been prepared just for you with the utmost care. That's what Beth and the Biscuit does, and they can do it for you for less than the cost of dining out or the price of fast food! No kidding!

Fiction? Fantasy? Too good to be true? It might sound like it, but it's not. And here's the good part. It's affordable. As a matter of fact, Beth and the Biscuit personal chef services was started with the goal of serving the common man and woman, oh, and kids too. We're here to help. We love doing what we do and it shows. Just read some of the comments written by our clients in the testimonial section. It's what keeps us going and why we do it. Not to mention that we LOVE cooking!

We're constantly hearing from our weekly or bi-monthly clients how they're actually saving money on groceries. How can this be you ask? It's simple. When the average person or couple shops for groceries, they typically purchase more impulse items than actual meal preparation elements. It's just human nature, that is, if you don't have a good plan. 

That's where the savings comes in. Before arriving at your house on the cook date, your Beth and the Biscuit personal chef will have already printed out a computer generated shopping list based on your favorite meal selections, and purchased all of the ingredients from any number of our favorite high integrity suppliers around town. Nothing is wasted, neither time nor money. It's all good.  

Call 612-272-2232 to discuss how Beth and the Biscuit can make your life a whole lot easier. email here